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Cutting back a bit, mostly folks I've lost connection to or people who had switched accounts (deleted three accounts from one person alone, I might add). Have an issue/want to know why? Feel free to contact me. I'm reasonable, just in clean-up mode.
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Ha! I <3 [ profile] earthdotprime. I needed that level of snark today, and about that particular subject, to boot.
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Whoa. Courtesy of [ profile] nex0s, I really feel the need to pass this on: Best DUI ever.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 11:42 pm
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I <3 me some PostSecret.


Jan. 13th, 2006 11:14 am
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I've been nudged.

Blame this meaningless update on [ profile] blue_star_risin.

BPAL guide

Dec. 12th, 2005 11:15 am
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I just found this totally useful guide for those new to BPAL. Thanks, [ profile] sophia_helix, for putting it together.
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I should've entitled that last post "roll call," shouldn't I've?

Basically, I wanted you guys to sound off because I've come up with a new use for this space. Only problem is, I'm afraid it'll bore some of you to tears. I'd be cut-tagging it all, though, so it probably shouldn't bother most of you. Or I could create a filter if I got an overwhelming "I want off this ride!" response. Y'see, I've got this new hobby: )
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ping! anybody still here? comment if so.

from Gia

Aug. 13th, 2003 04:51 pm
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"Have you ever had sex with a man?"
"I could have done that with a German Shepherd."
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I knew I would be giving myself hell with this class schedule, especially when approaching finals time.

I was right.
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interj. a statement of strong disagreement.
"Billy, can I cheat on your police car?" "Quicksilver!"

Found here:
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"I will only complicate you/ Trust in me and fall as well." - Tool (who I don't personally listen to, I might add)

. . .

Apr. 25th, 2003 12:15 am
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Some cuts. If you find yourself removed and don't want to be, just let me know, via comment or otherwise. I really am reasonable: I'm just doing some virtual housecleaning.
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Objectivity is a myth.

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War seems to be on everyone's friends page. I'm already sick of it. However, occasionally it has made me laugh. Here are the gems I've found on my friends page today:

Dear George Bush,

Dear Governor Bush (from Michael Moore)

Your Online Diary/LiveJournal and the Upcoming War

and last but so definitely not least:
Dear Mr. Chirac,

Thanks to [ profile] darclight, [ profile] darkest_eve, [ profile] sakuramayoke, and [ profile] boole.
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I'm taking care of a friend's cats while he's away. I get there today and go to put fresh water in bowls. Okay, so I empty the bowls of old water into two plants. Then I go to turn on the water.

Gurgly noises. No liquid.

Mild panic ensues. It occurs to me to ask the neighbors if their water is off as well. Then it occurs to me that it would sound rather funny, if they didn't know it was happening. Plus, I'm not sure if said friend really wants his neighbors knowing he's gone.

Hm. Try every tap, even the tub, and the one in the laundry room. No go. think, think. Aha! I have two half-bottles of water in the car. So the cats got "treated" to Aquafina and Wegman's best or whatever. (oops. just remembered I think I left the bottles on the kitchen table. hehehe.) But that only filled two of the three bowls of water (we're talking about five cats here, folks)

Before I leave, I try the sink one last time. Gurgly, gurgly: sputter, sputter, choke . . . and then the violent noise of someone throwing up. Only it was the tap. Water! Ew. Water with bits of things in it. The vomiting sound continues, but the flow of water starts to steady and run clearer. Clear, clear. Okay. I get the dish, use this suspect water to rinse it out. Fill it up. Sniff it. Test to make sure it's clear. Pour it out. Fill it up again. Repeat all tests. Hope to whatever higher power protects cats that if there's something wrong with it, they'll be smart enough not to drink it. Besides, there are two other sources of water, which hopefully should be fine. *crossing fingers*

In other news: I wish for peace.
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Scalded myself until breathless this morning, continuously moving to a disc I also gifted a friend with. Not dancing, no. Just moving. An attempt to wear myself down, perhaps.

Kept with the heat trend, wrapping myself in my warmest sweater. Retaining myself, leaving the cold outside.
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Oh, yeah. And because I'm brilliant, I ran late to the only class I had today (its first meeting, of course), which I wasn't even sure I'd be let into.

All worked out well enough in the end, though. Four students total in that class: should be fine. Which means my Tuesdays may be entirely free, and Thursdays will only be slightly a pain every other week. Let's see if I can do some logistical play without fucking my graduation expectations.

*taps fingers* Excellent.
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