Jan. 16th, 2003

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So, I meant to post about how yesterday's teaching went: the first day of "real" class.

In short: golden.

I was in the zone (or on the ball, or whatever positive trope you want to insert here), the students were responding and talking and bringing up new points, which I (or they) would run with--I had fun. It was debate time, in some ways. Although, I didn't make a whole lot of points of my own, and instead simply proposed new questions for them to consider. And managed to insert further info about how the class will go and assignments they'll be doing and such quite smoothly into the course of the discussion.

So, yeah. I rule. And now I'll never be able to do it again.
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Oh, yeah. And because I'm brilliant, I ran late to the only class I had today (its first meeting, of course), which I wasn't even sure I'd be let into.

All worked out well enough in the end, though. Four students total in that class: should be fine. Which means my Tuesdays may be entirely free, and Thursdays will only be slightly a pain every other week. Let's see if I can do some logistical play without fucking my graduation expectations.

*taps fingers* Excellent.


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